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2 Insert personal information

3 Additional information

4 Travel information

5 Validate the registration summary - (see below)

6 Finalize your payment

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eVisa Capeverde

Since 1 January 2019, All foreign travelers visiting the island state, must fill in a pre-registration form. It is advisable to apply online and fill in the pre-registration form 5 days before your trip.

Pre-registration formalities

  • Entering passport data
  • The information concerning the length of your stay
  • Information about flights, travel dates and accommodation (Hotel / Family / Friends)

Who can apply for an EVisa Cape Verde?

You may apply for a pre-registration application for Cape Verde if you meet the below conditions:

  • You are a citizen from the list of the eligible countries.
  • You are travelling to Cape Verde by air
  • Your length of stay in Cape Verde will not exceed 30 days
  • Your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your travel date

Practical information

  • Each of your family members must submit a separate application.
  • The approval for the majority of cases is received within 24 hours. However, some applications can take longer processing time. You are advised to make the pre-registration formalities 5 days before the intended travel date.
  • Travelers who are exempted from Pre-Registration:
    • - Infants under two years old
    • - Citizens holding a Cape Verdean passport, their spouses and their children under 18 years old
    • - Lawful residents settled in Cape Verde


cape-verde-visa.com is a website dedicated for the online pre-registration required to fly to Cape Verde. There is no link with the Government of Cape Verde website http://www.ease.gov.cv/. The price $70 or 70 Euros for Europeans and $93or 93 Euros for the others cover the necessary costs for the TSA of 150 escudos Cape Verdians CVE (about 1.40 €) for domestic flights and 3 400 escudos Cape Verdians CVE (about 31 €) for international flights.

HiPay, acts as a service provider, by offering a secure online payment solution to ease-capvert.com HiPay does not take the responsibility of any issues related to the services provided by this website. For all inquiries, please send an email to cv.support@e-visa.online

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